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Updated 08.10.18

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A quick wrap up of where to buy modafinil online in Australia.

To save time I have narrowed it down to three.

Yes there are more and yes some of them are good.

But we don’t want good we want the best!

Buying online can be tricky, I have lost money in the past and want to prevent the same thing happing to you.

I will guarantee you this, when you order from the below suppliers your money is safe.

Questions or problems with your order, contact me HERE.

Buy Modafinil Online Australia

#1 Modafinilstar,

Currently our number 1 supplier.

  • great customers service
  • fast and secure delivery
  • slightly better prices than the rest
  • and they have a proven track record
  • provide tracking details

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  • very easy payments, credit card or paypal
  • been in business for a long time
  • very fast response time
  • will provide tracking code upon request
  • deliveries are safe and on time

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  • very trusted site
  • they have been in business for a long time
  • tracking code provided
  • safe and secure deliveries

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Quick Fact!

The Harvard Business Review has called Modafinil

the Safest Smart Supplement available today?

Modafinil Online Austral

Why is Modafinilstar our #1?

I have been buying from Modafinilstar for over 8 years.

I have never had a problem during that time.

  • Fast Delivery to Australia
  • Tracking code provided
  • Discrete packaging
  • A long history of providing quality products
  • A great policy for lost items
PS: Modafinilstar have a MONEY back GUARANTEE!

Tips for guaranteeing the delivery

When filling out the delivery details during the purchasing process you can insert a few fake details.

  • Use a real name, as you may have to provide photo id at the post office if you miss the first delivery.
  • Add a trusted person, it’s good idea to add someone that can sign for your items.
    • I use this method!
      • First name (you) Your Full Name
      • Surname (trusted person) Joe Bloggs
  • Phone number, can be fake.
  • Date of birth, can be fake. Why this is asked for this I have no idea.
  • Use a real email address, as this will be the main form of communication between you and the seller.
  • Use a post office box, if you have access to a post office box that is a great idea.
  • Lastly, use a real address, Don’t have it sent to your neighbors house.


Smart pills

Is buying modafinil online in Australia legal?

You can own modafinil in Australia and you can buy modafinil online in Australia. That is fine and legal.

However you can not purchase Modafinil over the counter in Australia without a prescription.

If you want modafinil in Australia without a prescription it’s best to buy modafinil online. CLICK HERE.

Like a lot of countries the law concerning modafinil is clear.

Modafinil is a schedule 4 supplement , to be consumed by prescription only.

However up to 90% of the purchased modafinil online is for off label use.

Modafinil, Australian Customs

Last year I was stopped by customs for a bag search while entering Australia. The officer found my packet of artvigil and asked, what are they?

There modafinil, I use them when I work night-shift to help stay awake, the officer took them away.

10 mins later the officer returned, gave the Artvigil back to me and asked if they worked, I said yes like a charm!

Modafinil reviewed by Ash,

I used this product before and rate it very highly.

I would recommend it to anyone that needs that little bit of an edge and needs to concentrate. Excellent product.

Fast safe and secure deliveries

#1 Modafinilstar

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Did you know?

That armodafinil, the longer version of modafinil,

is given to the elite soldiers and fighter pilots

of the US military?

Safe and effective

Modafinil gives you natural proven benefits for welcome access to your full intelligence and talents

Don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to try Modafinil.

Simply follow the prompts of our most trusted supplier Modafinilstar and have the world’s best smart supplement delivered to your door.

Are your work colleges using Cognitive Enhancing Medicines?

Modafinil coming to a work place near you.

The off label use of Cognitive Enhancing Medicines like Modafinil is becoming more prevalent.

Before Modafinil was an IT worker and students secrete weapon.

However with the release of the movie Limitless in 2011, Modafinil went mainstream.

People use this medicine to be able to work longer, better and with more focus.

As much as 20% of university students have tried some sort of smart medicine.

And one could argue that this number will soon translate into a workplace near you.

Australian nootropics

How is a 40 something going to keep up with 20 something?

In 2008, modafinil was named the “Business Owners Medicine of the year” by TechCrunch.

Also in 2008 Nature magazine asked it’s readers, if they had or do use cognitive enhancing medicines. 1400 readers reply yes.

With demands of our current working environments no wonder people are turning performance enhancing medicines like Modafinil.

I was shocked to find how many people in my work place are using Modafinil, in particular Armodafinil.

Finding the right Armodafinil Dose

Two weeks of trial and errors

Week 1, Days 1 & 2
Armodafinil Dose

1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning

No rush or sweating like I get with Modalert 200.

I felt normal but more energetic, focused & my mood was elevated.
Got to sleep a little later than normal, other than that a good result.

Day 3
Armodafinil Dose

2 x Artvigil 150 @ the same time
That had a negative effect, I felt a little confusion and had a slight headache 8 hours later.

Felt a bit like I was recovering from a hang over, a sort of brain numbness.

It was not a very productive day.

I felt some change in mood. But the effects were negative enough that I have never tried that again.

Day 4
Armodafinil Dose

Day off
Felt fine, the effects of the day before had gone.

However I did feel like I had more energy.

Days 5 & 6
Armodafinil Dose

1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning 5am & another Artvigil 150 2 hours later.

That was perfect I was on point all day both days and did not miss a beat.
“In fact I still do that once or twice a month to this day.

When I need to get a lot of work finished”.
I slept fine that night

Day 7
Armodafinil Dose

Day off
Felt like I was still feeling the effects from yesterday.

Very productive day.

Quick Fact

Armodafinil Online is the longer lasting form of Modafinil, about 6 hours extra.

12 hours total.

Same effects as Modafinil just longer lasting. Armodafinil, is perfect for shift workers.

No rush or uncomfortable feeling just the focus & alertness all day.

#1 Modafinilstar

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Week 2, Day 1
Armodafinil Dose
1 x Waklert 150,
That’s stronger than the Artvigil 150. Very similar to the Modalert 200.

Sweating and a rush with the onset.
Felt a bit on edge my mind was a bit busy to focus. I felt like getting up and doing something.
A very productive day. However I talked a lot more than normal.

Went to the gym after work, strong work out.
Not bad, but not what I want at work. Slight headache that night, slept fine

Day 2
Armodafinil Dose

 1/2 x Waklert 150 (75mg).

Much better similar to Artvigil 150. Still a little bit on edge but nothing like yesterday.
Took the other half at 11am. No headache that night. Slept fine
Very productive day.

Day 3
Armodafinil Dose

1 x artvigil 150 at 5am and 1 waklert 150 2 hours later.

After the negative effects I had with double dosing artvigil 150 I decided against doing the same with the waklert 150.

By 8am my mind was on fire. Focused, alert, sharp and my memory was on point .

Downside, felt like I was on amphetamines dry mouth, slightly sweating and couldn’t stop talking to anyone who would listen.
I would not do that at work, but on the weekend?
Very productive day.

Day 4 & the end of the trial
Armodafinil Dose

With the confidence of day 3 under my belt I went for 2 x waklert 150, 2 hours apart.

Not the best for working but it was fun, similar result to day 3.
Had trouble sleeping that night.


After some trial and error I finally found my Armodafinil Dosage.
My armodafinil dose 

1 Artvigil daily and on a busy day, 2 x Artvigil 150 2 hours apart. 

That’s my perfect Armodafinil Dose!